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St. Louis Skyline Menorah

St. Louis Skyline Menorah




Festival of City Lights!! Original St. Louis skyline menorahs to keep your hometown pride burning for at least 8 nights! This dazzling work of art is sure to be a conversation starter this holiday season. Custom design by STL-Style and fabricated and manufactured by the talented folks at Well Made Workshop - 100% St. Louis made!


5052 aluminum alloy menorah

Color: Metallic silver

16 gauge (1/16”), 5.7oz

12”L x 4.75”H

2 pcs - includes menorah and removable sliding candle holder tray for easy cleaning

Hand wash recommended

Includes 1 box of Hanukkah candles (44 candles/box)

Won't rust!

**PRO TIP** Inserting the candles is easy! We recommend heating the bottom end of each candle under a flame for 1-2 seconds so the wax melts slightly, then gently push the candle down into the hole. Voila! Works like a charm.

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