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Don't go into STL Style with a tight budget. Not because its prices are high, but because it's hard not to want to buy everything in the store. The self-described "original St. Louis culture shop" has city- and neighborhood-centric tees and gifts that'll make you say, "That's so St. Louis." You can stick its Saint Fuckin Louis stickers practically anywhere, and any item from its City of St. Louis Collection...

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You can't spell STYLE without STL. This week on Neighborhood Treasures we check out the creative district of Cherokee Street and visit a shop like no other. Learn how twin brothers turned a side hustle into a growing business shoppers can't live without.



Located in Missouri along the Mississippi River lies St Louis. The city offers a wide range of shops from luxury department stores to independent boutiques, there is something for everyone...

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From high-end department stores to independent boutiques to quirky shops selling handmade local goods, there’s something for every shopping taste in St Louis...

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Jeff Vines knows some people carry a negative view of St. Louis. There’s a perception that the city is “decrepit and depressing,” he says. But Vines has made it his life’s work to share the beauty and creativity inherent...

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Best Clothing Boutique 

Since getting its start as an online operation way back in 2001 and especially since the opening of its brick-and-mortar location in 2010, STL-Style has been the city's one-stop shop for hometown pride...


St. Louis Character: Meet the twins who built a big business 

Today STL-Style has hundreds of corporate clients, including the Saint Louis Brewery, the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues...

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Best St. Louis-Inspired Wordplay

It's hard to go anywhere in the Lou without seeing a cap, hoodie or some other piece of apparel paying homage to St. Louis...

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15 St. Louis Instagram accounts to follow

STL-Style makes #4 on the list! Follow Jeff Vines of STL Style (@stlgasm)

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ETHINKSTL 151: Jeff and Randy Vines | STL – Style

Joining us today are Jeff and Randy Vines, Creators and Owners of STL-Style. Jeff and Randy are identical twins who have a fierce love for everything STL...

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Best St. Louisan to Follow on Instagram

Jeff Vines is one half of the STL-Style duo (identical twin brother Randy is the T-shirt company's co-founder). Jeff Vines is also our readers' choice for the best Instagram follow in town, and it's easy to see why....

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Q&A: Randy and Jeff Vines of STL-Style

The brothers call it the “Red Brick Mama”—St. Louis, that is. What started out as a way for identical twins Randy and Jeff Vines to express their hometown pride...

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Turning to T-Shirts to Spiff Up Downtrodden Cities

ST. LOUIS — As Jeff Vines pulls down the iron on the heat press in his small studio here, he is trying something far grander than simply searing another image onto another T-shirt.... 

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When STL-Style's Vines Brothers Turn 'Farty,' Of Course It's Time to Party

Identical twins Randy and Jeff Vines, better known as the Vines Brothers, are on the cusp of a momentous occasion...

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St. Louis Region Must Learn to Tap its Potential

Right now, St. Louis is not on the list.

You know, the list of cities where things happen. Those magnets for smart, creative people, where talent, innovation and capital generate new ideas...

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Pre-cool, a Good Place For The 'Burgh

The Vines love their Rust Belt hometown, want it to become a place that other young and youngish types would love too and are trying to do something about it...

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Twins capture STL quirks to a ‘T'

Identical twins Jeff and Randy Vines, 32, may have grown up in Creve Coeur, but their hearts belong a bit further east, within the St. Louis city limits...


Vines brothers stitch a new strategy at STL-Style

Jeff and Randy Vines, twin brothers who started STL-Style as a part-time side gig to their day jobs, have built their Cherokee Street store into a million-dollar business with retail apparel and custom orders for corporate clients. They reflected on the past year and the year ahead.

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Conversations with Randy & Jeff Vines

We always knew our hometown (St. Louis) was a cool city. From an early age, we were enamored with the history, the architecture, the cool characters and quirkiness that gave this city its original flavor.

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Money Talks: The identical twins running a hometown business

Jeff and Randy Vines are 44-year-old identical twins. They’re also the creators and co-owners of STL-Style, a St. Louis apparel store that has become a destination for locals and tourists alike. 



Pre-2020, STL Stylehouse was best known as the city’s go-to spot for whimsical and civic-prideful T-shirts and similar apparel. And while that’s still the case, Stylehouse has also become well-known for its entries into one of the year’s most booming new economies — the selling of face masks meant to slow the spread of COVID-19.


The twin brothers sell sassy St. Louis-themed T-shirts, other apparel and corporate logo products, with a client list that includes the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and Washington U...

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Check out this list of St. Louis's best of the best, which, of course, include STL-Style...

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How do you say '40,' 'here,' and 'wash?' Dissecting the particularities of the St. Louis dialect

Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or just moved to St. Louis, you’ve probably noticed the, erm, particularities of the way St. Louisans speak...

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Next Great Neighborhood: Cherokee Street in St. Louis

Despite the absence of a master plan, this former no-man's-land has flourished organically, cultivated by young entrepreneurs...

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23 St. Louis Shops to Buy Unique Gifts, No Mall Required

STL-Style is your place for all things St. Louis. You can find t-shirts, hats, posters, stickers, postcards, totes and more embracing St. Louis pride...

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Episode 45: STL Style House-Randy and Jeff Vines 

It started as a hobby, but today the Vines brothers print t-shirts for everyone looking to wear their city pride on their sleeve...

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Urban Vision Fresh From The Vines

Randy & Jeff Vines are brothers and business partners in STL-Style. The siblings have taken their passion for St. Louis to a whole new level.

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Vines Brothers Bring STL Style to St. Louis Cardinals, Modern Family

The St. Louis Cardinals and Modern Family like to do it in style -- STL Style, that is....

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Episode 613 – Jeff & Randy Vines (STL Style)

Last week I stopped by STL Style on Cherokee Street to record with my friends Jeff & Randy Vines...

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From the editor: Go! List offers best of St. Louis

Looking for the best in St. Louis? Guess what? We're one of them...

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St. Louis Magazine:
STL to a Tee

St. Louis Magazine writes this glowing review of how our Stylehouse represents the city!

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Tour St. Louis Via Instagram

 To quote Instagrammer Jeff Vines: "The reports are true -- St. Louis is dangerous. Dangerously beautiful!"

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Turning a Part-time Passion Into a Full-Time Enterprise

A part-time business gives you the opportunity to develop your business model and learn from your mistakes... 

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St. Louis Small Business Monthly & STL-Style

Jeff and Randy Vines make the list for St. Louis' Top Young Entrepreneurs 2011.

Click to read all about it...

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StLCast- Episode 1: Jeff and Randy Vines of StL-Style

Jeff and Randy Vines featured as a guest on StLCast Podcast.

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Episode 40: The Vines Brothers (STL Style) 

Identical twins and St. Louis dynamos, Jeff and Randy are unapologetically proud of St. Louis. More than just clothing designers, they are passionate urbanists, historic preservationists, and big time STL enthusiasts and promoters.

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Riverfront Times: 2021 Best of St. Louis Readers’ Choice

(We won Best Clothing Boutique and Best Gift Shop!)

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The St. Louis Podcast - Episode #2: A Growing HuSTLe

In this episode of The St. Louis Podcast, we sit down with Randy and Jeff Vines, the twin brothers and co-founders of STL Style House, the first St. Louis-themed clothing store in the city.


Baked-In - Episode 40: Jeff & Randy Vines | STL Style

This week’s episode presented by Busey Bank is a celebration of St. Louis and 314 day! Josh catches up with Jeff and Randy Vines from STL-Style - a hub of civic pride, providing original St. Louis-inspired apparel and stuff and hosting a number of special events throughout the year at their incredibly bustling shop.


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