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Meet Our Crew

Jeff Vines & Randy Vines Creators

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.36.49 PM.png

Identical twins and St. Louis dynamos, Jeff and Randy are unapologetically proud of their gritty, lovable hometown. Though they spend nearly every waking moment thinking up the next cool STL design, they are also passionate urbanists and historic preservation advocates. Active with urban revitalization organizations across the country, the Vines boys are known to hop around to cool cities near and far, but they always look forward to returning to the Red Brick Mama. They have dedicated their brand to sharing the greatness of St. Louis with the rest of the world.

Suzie Cue
Shop Admin

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.54.09 PM.png

Suzie has the skills to pay the bills! The office is her domain, and we don't ask questions! When she's not keeping us in line at the shop, you can catch her performing on music stages throughout the city.

Dani Schellin
Frankie’s Groomer 


Dani walked in off Cherokee, asked if they could brush Frankie, and now we can't get them to leave. They have spent years dancing up and down Cherokee Street as well as printing shirts, and making art! 

Leslie Wolff
Cool Kid on The Block

Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 4.14.42 PM.png

One of The Crew that make the Stylehouse go 'round.

 Doss Stone


You might find Doss (also known as Acorn) at Stylehouse folding origami or solving Rubik's cubes behind the counter while chatting with customers, or hanging out with their favorite shop cat, Frankie. Growing up just a couple blocks from Cherokee Street, they have a decent amount of knowledge around the city and quite a few fun St. Louis things to talk about! They are passionate about plants, animals, puzzles (literally any puzzles), coffee, and working towards a world in which everyone can be seen, welcomed, and thrive.

Ben Robinson
Retail Slayer


If Ben is at the counter when you visit the store, you know you're in good hands. With an engaging personality and an eye for style, you're in for the royal treatment. Outside of work, you'll find Ben spearheading neighborhood improvement projects, honing his drone photography skills, and building his fashion apparel line, Billionaire Royalties.

Maxi Glamour
All of the Above

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.43.12 PM.png

Artist, drag queen, burlesque performer, choreographer, fashion designer, photographer, musician, reality TV star, linguist, social justice champion... Maxi's talents are as diverse as their pursuits. Although they no longer work regular hours at the shop, Maxi leaves an indelible mark on this enterprise and they'll always be part of our crew.

Hepcat Shopcat

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 6.18.42 PM.png

Hailing from the mean streets of South St. Louis, Frankie is no pussy. Whether she's jumping on ladders, hiding in boxes or zonked out in the window displays, she consistently attracts droves of customers who would otherwise simply walk past our store. When we start slacking, Frankie is there to keep us in check. Thanks to her, many of our products come with free cat hair.

Adrien Lozada
Smooth Operator


Originally from North Philly, Adrien has been an intrinsic part of our team since moving to St. Louis in 2016. If you're wearing one of our shirts right now, chances are that Adrien printed it. He knows this shop inside and out, so when it comes to essential back-of-house functions, he calls the shots.

Jenna Davis
Graphic Designer

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 5.39.54 PM.png

Since 2017, Jenna has been bringing our creative concepts to life. Our designer-in-chief since 2017, she is the artistic eye behind many of the popular products that define our brand, as well countless custom design projects for our corporate clients.

Sophie Allen
Weekend Warrior

Sophie Allen

Sophie is a born and raised St. Louisan who loves toasted ravioli and "Hot in Herre" exactly as much as you'd expect. When she's not printing tees at STyLe, you can find her at local art markets, jazz jams, and the many incredible bars and restaurants St. Louis has to offer. She's a printmaker, an upcycler, and a St. Louis enthusiast (is that obvious, yet?) Stop by and say hi when she's here on the weekends! 

Vertrell Yates
Man With a Plan


Originally from Atlanta, Vertrell has called St. Louis home since 2022. As an accomplished musician and avid photographer, you can find him performing at venues around the city, in local parks photographing the natural environment, or behind the counter at Stylehouse.

Rusty Conklin 
Visual Merchandiser 

image0 (7).jpeg

An East Coast native trained in commercial arts and advertising, Rusty has created many of the installations and artistic displays that define STL-Style’s retail store. He’s a former merchandise coordinator for Der Spiegel catalog, carpenter, mural artist, chalk artist, and then some. When Rusty runs out of canvas, HE is the medium!

Andrea Melania Rodriguez
Associate Designer


Designer, illustrator, and cat herder. When she isn’t freelancing, you’ll find her at St. Louis art galleries (pre and post pandemic) and enthusiastically gushing over the vegetarian food scene in St. Louis (always).

Brodyn Keeran
Digital Maestro


Brodyn is the creative genius behind the visually stunning and highly interactive user interfaces you see on our website. With a blend of technical prowess and artistic flair, Brodyn ensures that every digital interaction is a delightful experience.

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