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This City...

From Downtown to Dogtown, Patch to Penrose, Saint Louis is both a work in progress and a work of art. We are particularly enchanted by four-family flats, dudes in leisure suits, cobblestone alleys, graffiti walls, MetroLink trains, toasted ravioli, and over 250 years worth of soul packed into this city’s streets.

This town is overflowing with idiosyncrasies, and that unique local flavor should be a source of pride, not embarrassment.

City of Saint Louis

Always Original

Way back in 2001, we made it our mission to create a new line of apparel that reflects this crabby old city as we see it: cool, raw and unpretentious. You won’t confuse us for a cheesy airport souvenir stand; we like a little grit in our coffee and it shows. 

A Growing huSTLe

What started as a moonlighting hobby in a friend's kitchen in Dogtown has evolved into a bona fide force on the local scene that is much more than just a t-shirt shop. Our brand is an outgrowth of our deep commitment to the city we love, and we remain active in civic affairs, from historic preservation to youth education workshops to offbeat tours of city neighborhoods.  

Group gathering STL - STYLEHOUSE
Group gathering St. Louis

Unapologetically Obsessed with STL

For too long, this city has been overlooked, misjudged and under-appreciated. Today, a renewed spirit is emerging. Inspired by the diverse faces, spaces and places of the Gateway City, we’re doing our part to put the STL back in STYLE. We thank you for riding along with us.

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