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Jefferson's Bible: A novel

Jefferson's Bible: A novel


by Michael Vines



What happens when a president tries to govern according to the ethics of Jesus?


After a near-death experience, President Jeffrey Lee Jefferson receives a gift of The Jefferson Bible, founding father Thomas Jefferson’s version of the New Testament, created by cutting out—literally, with a scissors—the miracles and other passages he deemed absurd as a man of the Enlightenment. What’s left are the ethics and morals of Jesus. They have a profound effect upon the current president.


When he attempts to govern according to this moral code, his new policies alienate his indispensable top advisor Judy Cochrane, who deserts him. His base, particularly those on the religious right, follows her and turns to a highly decorated, highly flawed war hero, General Alexander Cyrus Boyko, to challenge him in the upcoming primary.


Jefferson is forced to choose between his political ambitions and his convictions. He must run an ethical campaign; mend his relationship with his strong and determined wife; show empathy and forgiveness to his wayward daughter; learn about old family secrets; and ultimately determine whether he, as a man of reason, can believe in God.


The fast-paced narrative is driven by colorful characters and intersecting stories in a uniquely American landscape that’s as outrageous as it is recognizable—and filled with surprises to the very last page.


About the Author

Michael Vines was born in St. Louis and received his Master’s degree in English from Columbia University. After grad school he began a career in advertising working as a copywriter and Creative Director for several of New York’s most renowned global agencies. He continues to live in New York City with his wife where he enjoys reading, writing, cooking, playing blues and rock guitar, and following politics and the St. Louis Cardinals.

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