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Treblinka, Mon Amour: A novel

Treblinka, Mon Amour: A novel


By Michael Vines



Part of Harry’s Family TrilogyTreblinka, Mon Amour is the story Harry’s grandson Martin Keller (six years old in Harry Gets Wise).

An earnest young man and an aspiring writer, Martin moves from St. Louis to New York City in the mid-1970s. There, he is inspired by his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Berger, an elderly woman whom he hears typing in the early morning hours and for whom he frequently mails letters. When he learns that her envelopes contain Holocaust-denying screeds that are published in antisemitic pamphlets, he breaks off all relations. In return, she accuses him of harassment.

When Mrs. Berger dies suddenly, Martin is surprised to find that he is both a suspect in her murder and the sole beneficiary in her will. Further complicating his life is his passionate on-off relationship with her granddaughter Eva, a troubled young artist who deals with her internal conflicts by creating disconcerting works of art.

The reader is hooked until the final pages when the climax of Martin and Eva’s relationship unfolds, and mysteries are revealed.

An excerpt of this novel in a slightly different form was published in the prestigious online literary journal,


About the author

Michael Vines was born in St. Louis and received his Master’s degree in English from Columbia University. After grad school he began a career in advertising working as a copywriter and Creative Director for several of New York’s most renowned global agencies. He continues to live in New York City with his wife where he enjoys reading, writing, cooking, playing blues and rock guitar, and following politics and the St. Louis Cardinals.

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