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A  Universe Revealed (Book 3)

A Universe Revealed (Book 3)


By Eric Von Schrader



Book 2 of the Intersecting Worlds Trilogy, the continuation of Eric Von Schrader's A Universe Less Traveled and A Universe Disrupted.


A secret makes you play its game. And when you play it, the secret wins. Always.


How do you keep the biggest secret in history, especially when a master spy is snooping around?


In A Universe Revealed, Diyami Red Hawk is pursuing a sacred mission to build a new Native American city at the ancient site of Cahokia. But his success is based on a lie. If anyone finds out, will his project come crashing down?


For years, Jim Collins, a financial genius and a superb poker player, has been haunted by the mystery of his father, who was “very famous, but you’ll never find anyone who has heard of him.” When he meets Billy and Carol Boustany, he feels hope for the first time.


They introduce him to Diyami, who desperately needs his strategic wisdom after an adversary from the past re-emerges with new threats. Together, Diyami, Jim, Billy, and Carol come up with a plan to defeat the secrets. It brings the Intersecting Worldstrilogy to an astounding conclusion. 

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