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Shapes of St. Louis poster at STL-Style

Shapes of St. Louis Pop Art Print

PriceFrom $6.95

Is it a womb? A heart? A hornet nest? A leaf? A lemon? A pork steak? A turtle? A lung? A piece of sushi? A chrysalis? A teardrop?  It's all of the above!

The beauty of St. Louis is that's it's whatever you want it to be.  This colorful pop art print depicts our oddly-shaped city as various objects and organs of which it's said to bear a striking resemblance.  What is St. Louis in YOUR eyes?  


  • Full color digital print on premium card stock paper
  • Available in 2 sizes: 5"x7" ($6.95), and 12"x18" ($16.95)
  • Original artwork by STL-Style and Jenna Davis Design