5th Annual MetroLink Prom, Saturday, Oct. 20th!

Monday, October 15, 2012

The METROLINK PROM, an original St. Louis tradition, returns for its 5th year!

Yep! We just knew you’d be in an electoral frame of mind by late October, with the election just weeks away. So we figured why not make MetroLink Prom’s 2012 theme centered on the future of our great country? Instead of a Prom King and Queen this year, we’ll have a Prom President and Vice-President. So which are you — Red Line Party or Blue Line Party?

Therefore, this year’s suggested attire is RED, WHITE, and BLUE (try to combine them all in some way, if you can). As always, we love costumes, so go patriotic and dress as George Washington, Paul Revere, or just wrap yourself in an American flag if you wish. Along the way, live bands including The Takedown will keep us dancing on the train!

Mark your calendars and get ready for Prom, everyone!

For updates, check:
7:00PM - ?

COST: $3.00 (for Metro 2 Hour Pass)

Grand Station, 7pm
Depart Grand at 7:38p
Arrive Richmond Heights at 7:55p

Richmond Heights Station
(Walking to the Boulevard development adjacent to the Galleria)
Depart Richmond Heights at 9:08p
Arrive at Grand 9:25p

Six Row Brewing Company at 3690 Forest Park Blvd., 63108, less than 1/2 mile from the Grand MetroLink Station.

Next American Vanguard conference to put St. Louis front and center!

Monday, October 08, 2012

Later this week, St. Louis will be cast in the national spotlight when 43 of the nation's most dynamic urban visionaries converge in the Red Brick Mama for the 3rd annual Next American Vanguard conference, Oct. 11-12th.  The conference, hosted by Philadelphia-based Next American City, is widely considered to be the most prestigious national meeting of the minds in the context of urban planning and revitalization.  As Vanguard members of the inaugural class of 2009, STL-Style creators Jeff and Randy Vines are honored to welcome this esteemed group to the city we love most.

St. Louis faced stiff competition in its bid to host Next American Vanguard, and was selected in part because of exemplary local cooperation between private and public entities, but also because St. Louis itself is a textbook case of the American city in transition. The conference will illuminate our city's challenges and opportunities, some unique to St. Louis and others that are shared with urban areas across the country.  Most importantly, it will reinforce St. Louis' relevance and significance as one of America's great cities. 

STL-Style, Sleepy Kitty and Tucci Events present... BARACK 'N ROLL!

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We all know this is an important election, and if you're like us you've been meaning to donate $10 or $20 to the Obama campaign this year but haven't yet had the spare cash or the chance. We figured that the best way to donate would be turning something we already do into a donation, so with that in mind Sleepy Kitty, STL-Style, and Tucci Events are teaming up to do a fundraiser show for Obama's re-election. Come hang out with us and support the campaign too! It's a chance for all of us to put a little in at the same time and give a lot. 

FRIDAY, OCT. 5th - 7:00pm at STyLehouse (3159 Cherokee) 

-$10 (100% of the door and bar is donated to the Obama campaign)   
-Voter registration 
-New Obama t-shirt by STL-Style for sale and event poster by Sleepy Kitty for sale (all proceeds go to the campaign)  

Do your part to keep the right guy in office by coming out to a rock show! Let's make Missouri a blue state again!  

STL-Style at FORM 2012!

Monday, September 24, 2012

It's officially STL Design Week!  The next seven days will highlight the best local art, fashion, architecture and graphic design that keeps St. Louis fresh, exciting and sexy.  So naturally, STL-Style is jumping into the action!  You'll find us Friday and Saturday (Sept. 28th-29th) at FORM 2012 taking place at the Ely Walker Lofts in downtown St. Louis.  We're thrilled to be part of what's becoming one of the most prominent design shows in the country, featuring designers from all over the US, and a keynote address by Karrie Jacobs, founding editor of Dwell magazine.

Leave it to The Luminary Center for the Arts to pull off another dazzling showcase of St. Louis' creative chops. So come visit our booth at FORM 2012, and cap off Design Week in STyLe!

West Cherokee Block Party - Saturday, Sept. 22nd!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cherokee Street is all the rage these days, and on Sept. 22 from 3pm-9pm, the spotlight will be aimed toward the lively corner of Cherokee & Compton, where a variety of cool spaces and places reside. Live music, food, drink, performance art, fashion shows and some damn good shopping are all on the menu. Here's a rundown:

--CAMP (3022) - arts & crafts for the whole family
--El Lenador (3124) - food & drink
--Loopie's Market (3138) - live art & fire shows
--Tower Taco (3147) - food & drink
--Ft. Gondo (3151) - I'm Glad I Don't Know You in Real Life, Peter Pranschke
--High Spektical (3155) - used & upcycled fashion shows
--MoModerne (3156) - mid-century modern furniture & accessories
--STyLehouse (3159) - live music by the Jump Starts
--Tucci Events (3202) - record spin
--Livery Company (3211) - afterparty @ 9pm; live music by The Volcanoes and Bear Hive

--St. Louis Curio Shoppe
--Scarlet Garnett
--No Name Comix
--Clumsy Moth Creations
--VIM Juice
--Holly Childress
--Kevin Skypainter

--Rabbit Express rickshaw rides
--Sidewalk chalk party
--Specials on select merchandise
--Good times

Loufest is coming, and we'll be there!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Loufest 2012 is around the corner, and STL-Style will be there, just as we have been from the beginning!  Come and visit our booth in the retail scene-- we'll be selling our most popular shirts, stickers, undies, posters, mugs and other cool stuff!

We're also happy to announce that we are the winners of the 2012 Loufest T-Shirt Design Contest, so make sure to pick up a Loufest tee and soak up the sights and sounds in STyLe.  Thanks to everyone who voted!

See you August 25th-26th in Forest Park!

Gone but not forgotten

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My next installment of recently-scanned photos from the mid-90s thru the early 2000s...

The Arena... the Checkerdome... Whatever you called it, the Old Barn was one of the most iconic landmarks in the city.

Remember these cute little Bi-State shuttle buses that used to circulate through downtown streets? 

I much prefer the font of the old Budweiser sign to the current one. Don't fix it if it ain't broken...

This handsome block of Cadet Ave. at Kingshighway & Manchester in Forest Park Southeast was demolished and replaced by a senior living center...

The old Chouteau viaduct epitomized urban grit: 

Not sure why these Sesame Street doors were replaced when these flats on Boyle were renovated some years ago.  The funky '70s colors were a huge selling point in my opinion.

Corner of Forest Park Parkway & Boyle, 2000.  The building on the right is now the site of the sleek Cortex building:

Okay, why the hell did they get rid of the old fountain in Maryland Plaza?  The new fountain is nice and fancy, but too Galleria-ish for my taste.  When it comes to neighborhood landmarks, simple is usually better in my book.

The Central West End skyline, 1997.  The Round Building looked awesome from every vantage point.  I miss it every day.

Darst-Webbe-- every suburbanite's dreaded wrong turn on the way to a Cards game:

This solid row of stately old beauties on Delmar just west of Kingshighway exemplified urban sophistication, even in their dilapidated condition.  Their demolition in 1999 is a huge loss to our urban landscape.  I'm quite sure that they would've been lovingly restored had they survived until now...

More photos of these gorgeous ruins can be seen here: Built St. Louis: West End

A fishbowl bus with the old red-orange-yellow Bi-State color scheme cruises down Washington Avenue:

Gaslight Square, 2002.  Who's STUPID idea was it to tear these buildings down rather than incorporate them into the redevelopment of the district?  Had these buildings been restored, they undoubtedly would've become a prized location for shops and restaurants and helped bridge the gap between the CWE and Midtown.  Depressingly, they were instead destroyed and replaced with new housing, relegating present-day Gaslight Square to a mere pass-through neighborhood on the way to somewhere else.

I am posting another view of Gaslight Square to emphasize the idiocy that occurred here in the name of progress.

Givens Row, Delmar Blvd. & T.E. Huntley Ave.  The double townhouse was lost to fire a few years ago, and only the single townhouse remains.  Prior to the 1960s, Midtown was characterized by blocks upon blocks of residential rows similar to these.

The old Greyhound station, 13th & Cass:

Happy Taco!  Delmar & Hamilton:

Irv's Grill, Vandeventer & Farty-Far:

Bonus points for anyone who remembers Jimmie's Diner at 9th & Locust, across from the American Theater (now Roberts Orpheum).  It was a 24-hour joint, and had all the makings of a sitcom.  I vividly recall hanging out there late one night with some high school friends, and in walks a lady with a leopard fur coat, fishnet stockings and ultra high-heeled shoes, accompanied by her pimp decked out in a purple suit, a matching hat and white alligator shoes.  Going into Jimmie's Diner was going downtown, when "downtown" had a very different connotation than it does today...  (Sorry for the poor picture quality- I was only 18 when I took it.)

Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, pre-censorship and overgrown ivy:

The old sign on the Mark Twain Hotel, 9th & Pine:

Battered old buildings on Martin Luther King Blvd. near Midtown.  Gone.

Before it was Coffee Cartel, it was Nuberry's!

I still don't quite believe that The Parkmoor was actually torn down for a drive-thru Walgreen's.  Really?  No, REALLY?  Yes, really.

For some reason, I just knew these old street signs on Memorial Drive downtown were not going to be around much longer.  I was right-- they were replaced just a couple months after I snapped this pic (circa 2000).  I'm guessing they were installed in the late '60s or early '70s.  What I would give to have this hanging up in our shop...

Once upon a time, Euclid Avenue was the center of St. Louis' counter-culture. The Rec Club was one of the last shops that served the Central West End's once-flourishing alternative scene (somewhere I have pics of West End Wax, but I haven't found them yet)...  

The closing of Streetside Records marked a turning point for The Loop, and it's never been quite the same since.

When I heard that the Switzer's building was destroyed in a storm, I almost choked on my licorice.

Hope you enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane!

For more pics of St. Louis in the 1990s-early 2000s, check out our previous threads: 

Cherokee Street, 1997-2002

St. Louis in the late '90s/early 2000s!

Winds of Change

More to come!

IndiHop is Near!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mark your calendars for a spectacular day on Cherokee Street and Manchester Avenue!!  Letter to Memphis will play live at STyLehouse throughout the day.  Need an excuse to drink all day in two cool city neigborhoods?  Here ya go!

Cherokee Street, 1997-2002

Monday, May 14, 2012

Continuing our trip down memory lane, here are some old photos from our collection of Cherokee Street in the late '90s-early 2000s.  These were back in the days when Randy and I, along with some high school buddies, ventured onto big bad Cherokee Street not for tacos or art openings, but bongs and rolling papers!  It was a mere 20-minute car ride from Creve Coeur where we lived, but a world away.  We'll always remember our Friday afternoon visits to T-Shirt Headquarters, Spectrum's and Ngomsom's (R.I.P).  Those crazy high school adventures formed our earliest impressions of the gritty street that STyLehouse calls home today. (All photos taken by Jeff and Randy Vines)

Taqueria Azeteca and El Chico Bakery!

Carniceria Latino Americana (check out the cool picture in the second floor corner window)

Empire Sandwich Shop, demolished in 2006 after a fire.  Such a loss for the district.

Loitering by the No Loitering sign - ha!  Empire Sandwich Shop in the background.  

Proper Shoe Store before the red sign was removed, and 2720 Cherokee sporting an old marquee overhang.

Many many many more '90s-early 2000s pics from all over the city to come!

In the meantime, check out our previous posts:'90searly_2000s!/ 

St. Louis in the late '90s/early 2000s!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Randy and I recently unearthed a treasure trove of old film photos we took all over the city in the late '90s and early 2000s.  Over the next several weeks, we'll be scanning them in and sharing them with you.  These are not professional quality by any means-- just everyday snapshots of our favorite city.  It's interesting to see how the city has changed over the last decade.  Enjoy...

14th Street Mall, Old North St. Louis, February 2001

Argyle Apartments, Lindell & Euclid (now the site of the Schlafly Library), 1997

Barnes Hospital (when it was just "Barnes"), 1997

Bi-State bus with old red/orange/yellow color scheme, 2001

Abandoned car wash, Delmar & Walton (now a vacant lot), 2001

Mural on fence surrounding the Century Building (downtown), 2002

City Hospital prior to condo rehab (the high-rise building is gone), September 2001

Stately old rowhouses on Delmar in Midtown (replaced with shitty suburban houses), 2001

Stix School, Euclid & Forest Park Parkway (now the site of the Parkway Hotel), 1997

Old 'GRAND' sign at Forest Park Parkway & Grand, August 2002

Old McKnight overpass on Highway 40 in Ladue, 1997

The Round Building on West Pine in the CWE (still pissed about this one), 1997

Old Shapiro's Market sign before it was blown down in a storm, 2000

Ridiculously long playground slide at Highway 40 and Big Bend in Richmond Heights, 1997

Remember this guy with the staff?  I used to see him everywhere... February 2000

Switzer Building, Laclede's Landing.  Now a vacant lot.  September 2000

World Cycle, Eastgate Avenue in The Loop, 1997

Randy posing with our favorite car, Blacura, in front of The Grind on Maryland Avenue, just back from a New York City road trip, 2001

An unforgettable view of lower Manhattan from the roof of the Fun Factory in Long Island City, Queens, June 2001

For more 1990s/2000s pics of St. Louis, check out our earlier post: Winds of Change.


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